Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Stink of Unproductiveness

I have been very unproductive this past week. I have reached a sort of stale moment... Bridger isn't quite open, but it's so close that I don't feel like hiking. The climbing gym is the next best thing, but it's just cold enough that I don't feel like driving all the way out there. Besides that, I would have to walk to my car, which is at the sushi shop. Gad it's cold out.

I ran the whole month of November to get in shape for the Huffing for Stuffing fun run. Now that it's over, I haven't run once... since I don't really have another goal to work towards. Running is always so uncomfortable for me. I don't like breathing that hard, and I always get a side ache. I have learned that it is very much a mental task and am working on ignoring the discomfort. When I do, it goes away. And I always feel so good after I run. I feel refreshed and vibrant. So it seems like it would be easier to motivate myself to just do it, but not so much....

So here I am, sitting on my butt again. Geeking out online. I am so tired of work. I am tired of the things I am doing here. May isn't coming fast enough. I have lived in the same house for more than 6 months! I'm not sure if that is an achievement or what... I just need a change of pace, something to restart my motivational drive belt. I'm thinking that Bridger will be it. Actually I don't think it is the actual opening of the lifts that will get me motivated... I think the real trick will be the hot buttered rum in the lodge after I hit the lifts. That will probably get me out of bed most days.

I need to stop thinking about knitting and reading about it online and just do it! I am so close to finishing these leg warmers. They will look SO GOOD! And they will keep my legs warm. There are so many other projects I am excited to work on and I'm putting them off because I'm gettting burnt out on this one. So I just need to do it. Just finish them. Ok... With that said...

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