Wednesday, December 17, 2008

13 Above Zero!

I did ski today!

And as you can tell, I felt very intensely about it at the time...

Shaun, not so much...but the mountains were nice.

The temperature on the mountain was 13. That is alot warmer than the -10 it was on Monday, and the -30 it was at my mom's house. (She only lives 12 miles from us.) So we went skiing. And it was great.

Shaun's feet got cold pretty fast so we only stayed for a couple hours. The snow was good though. It's always good at Bridger...

I took Harvey and Suka to the park.
They had a pretty fun time frolicking in the snow.

And I'm training Harvey to be a pointer! I'm not...

Hanging out in the park, I realized how crazy that play equipment must have looked when I was five. I'm surprised I even played on it then, because it's kinda scary!

Tomorrow is Shaun's birthday. Sshhhh... don't tell him... I made Angel Food Cake from scratch... like his grandma used to do... I made a mini one to feed to him as breakfast-in-bed...
I just hope mine is as good as grannie's!

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