Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Horse-less Shed

Well, today I dragged Shaun begrudgingly out to the farm to start some serious work on the shed. We move in there the end of February. It's already the end of January, and February is a short month. I was starting to have quite a bit of anxiety about it because I have gone out there to work on it 3 or 4 times and haven't actually done anything besides tear down the vines.
So today we worked. We started by measuring some stuff and going to the hardwood store to buy log chinking and some putty for the windows and stuff. By the time we returned to the farm, my parents, my sister, and another friend had all showed up and started throwing out their helpful ideas.
Consequentially, tomorrow we will return all the stuff we bought at the hardware store today because we really do not need it.
We cleaned out the wood stove that lives in the shed and started up a nice little fire. The stove is actually very large, but it is also very old and was designed for cooking. So of all the empty space in the stove, only a very small chamber of it can actually contain a burning fire. I was pretty put out when I discovered this today and had visions of freezing to death under 50 pounds of blankets.
But, after getting a fire going in there the cabin warmed up pretty nicely. I decided if it could get that warm in there with no windows, no insulation in the roof, and the wind blowing through the holes in the walls like it was a cheese grater, we will be fine when it's all sealed up.
If not, I will move into the sauna in the house. And then I'll be fine.
We also succeeded in moving all of the horse tack out of there and into it's new home in the Cow Shed. Now that the cabin is empty, we can get to cleaning it and efficiently stuffing all the holes with insulation.
WoooHooo! My anxiety has lessened significantly. I now have a little bit of faith that our Horse Shed will be livable in less than 28 days.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleaning Up the Shed

I started work on our horse shed today. I started by measuring the windows to replace and tearing down the dried up hops vines. What a difference it made!



Next step is cleaning out all the useless stuff on the inside.

There's some horse tack under there somewhere...

The summer inhabitants left some of their stuff.

Hopefully the wood stove will be all set to go when all this stuff is cleared off.

WoooHOOO! I am so excited! This shed is bigger than our room now... And there's a wood stove!! And it will get us prepared for living without electricity or running water for a while. After that, a month of road tripping should be great!
I am counting down the days till we move in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The A-Team Cabin

Formerly known as the Horse Tack Shed. This cute little cabin is where Shaun, Suka, Harvey, and I will be living starting at the end of February. It is in a little bit of rough shape, but I am VERY excited to fix it up. It has been lived in before, I do believe...

We even have a couple of really cute neighbors!

This is Pepper.

This is Bob.

In other news... We went climbing in Revenue Flats Sunday. A little rock called 'The Nugget'. It was a little bit cool, but a lot of fun.

Shaun belaying Pav on Evolution of Dance.

Pav spotting Shaun on a boulder problem.

Shaun chillin at the t0p of Evolution of Dance.

This is me cleaning the route.

And for once, Suka didn't want his picture taken!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Merry Christmas Sushi People

Well... we survived it. Last night was the Dave's Sushi annual 'Christmas' party.
There were about 25 of us there. We drank one bottle of whiskey, 32 bottles of beer, and 42 bottles of wine. Each. Just kidding.
That's a lot of alcohol. And we all survived, thank god. A couple people were looking pretty rough today. Kara had some rashes on her neck from being towed around with a collar and chain all night. A few people's asses were bit, apparently. But most of the damage came from stains...enough for everyone. We only broke 6 glasses. Last year we broke 12.

Overall... a very impressive party. Good work Sushi folk!!!

Pictures soon?