Monday, January 17, 2011

January in Prescott

The very first...

But getting better.

This month has been so busy, but so full of new adventures.  The weather has been so warm and beautiful, reminding me of summer in Montana, though it gets pretty darn cold at night and the mornings are frosty.

My younger brother Joe visited us for his Christmas break.  He had a fun time here, but we never got out of town.  We just spent all our time on the roof.  He left a few days after Christmas and as soon as he did, we got a good dump of snow.  So much snow, that we spent that day sledding around our neighborhood behind the car.  The sledding really made our day fun and cheered up a lot of people around town who seemed pretty sour about the snow.  It probably also helped that as we sledded, we would stop and help whoever was stuck.

New Years Eve was pretty mellow.  Shaun and the dogs went to bed early and Dylan and I stayed awake long enough to hear our neighbors banging some pots and pans.  I took some photos of the stars through the new skylight we had installed in the kitchen that day and we went to bed.

We've been working every day since then, finishing up the roof on the 9th.  Shaun started school that day, spending the first couple days on campus before he went to Chauncy Ranch on the 12th.  His group spent a couple days there getting ready for the expedition and they went into the wilderness on the 15th.  Three weeks to go before he gets back, but I've got plenty to keep me occupied while he's gone, including my block class and working on house projects.
My dad has been in town since the 7th, so we've really been putting a push on the house.  He has managed to completely remodel the kitchen, build a closet for the washer and dryer, and just today, he installed a french door.  Its so wonderful to see the house transforming!

It will really be wonderful when it's all finished and we no longer have to step over, around, and under power tools and wade through construction materials, but there's still a lot of work to do.

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