Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The First

Ok, so I did it. I now have my own blog! The purpose of this is to keep all family and friends updated on my travels since I am planning on being without a phone or other technology for possibly extended periods of time. Hopefully I remember to update it.

As for current news... Bridger opens Thursday! WooHoo! I am very proud of myself for buying a season pass for the first time ever. Also, I feel very accomplished for actually hiking up there three times already! Although I only skid two of those times, it's a start. (The first time, I went with Shaun and another friend, but I hadn't put bindings on my skis, so I just hiked around.)

Our two chickens spent most of the summer in our neighbors' yards, but now that it's cold outside and worms are a tad more difficult to scratch up, they're hanging around. I was worried for a while because we didn't see either of them for a couple weeks. One of them finally came back so we locked it in the coop to butcher it. We assumed the other one was killed by a dog or something, but just a few days ago, it came back also! So now we might just wait a month or so to butcher them.

Suka is now 7 months old and about 75 pounds. Oh boy... Shaun really picked himself a good one.

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