Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Duck Disappointments

When I returned from Montana, the four eggs under my duck were all rotten. I didn't crack them open to find out, but it was easy to tell from the outside. They were clearly black and soupy on the inside. The eggs under my neighbor's hen were scheduled to hatch June 2nd, but I gave them a few days to be sure. When I checked on her, those four eggs also were not looking like hatching any time this year. I took the eggs from both the chicken and the duck but both birds continue to sit, committed to empty nests.

Am I a little bit sad? Yes. On the other hand, in the midst of working four part time jobs, I'm a little bit relieved that I don't need to care for who knows how many little ducklings. The three I raised last year were a handful. Now I must decide what to do with my two ducks... They are so entertaining to me and I love having them around, but the whole purpose was to get them to reproduce and they didn't succeed this year. I do have faith that they will be better at it next year, but I'm planning on leaving town right after I graduate and right at the time the duck would be nesting...

I guess that's a decision to make later. For the time being I'll just continue to enjoy my morning watering routine with them and the frequent chase around the yard those times Jesse James makes his break for the chicken coop.