Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wow. Yesterday I was an ugly bump on a log, today I was "fit and trim" and out of breath. I got up before work and actually made the bed. Actually, I make the bed most days... but in the afternoon when I get home from work. Only because Shaun is usually in the bed in the morning when it would be ideal to make it. Work sucked as usual. Guess what, I butchered a hamachi today! Guess what! I butcher hamachi EVERY day! Guess what was different about the hamachi today... it was frozen solid! YAY my favorite!
Ok... so work sucked just because I am bored of it. But after work... I started doing my usual thing... geeking out on the internet. Then I got hungry so I went to make a bowl of cereal. And here's where things got switched up. I put the cereal in the bowl... put some honey on it... then opened the fridge to grab some yogurt... NO YOGURT!!! So I turned to the door of the fridge for some milk... NO MILK!
So I went to the store. I bought milk. Then I decided it would be nice to make some soup. So I got some leeks and potatoes and such... I came home, ate my cereal, then made yogurt and soup at the same time! As soon as I finished that I rounded up my roommate and went to the climbing gym. For the first time in quite a while. I sucked it up really bad, but it was good to at least go there and do something.
After that I hurried hurried and rode my bike to the little bro's choir concert. I walked in just in time for the beginning of the first song. Ooohhhh boy! They were something else. I don't really mean that in a good way. They were very intertaining to watch... they were having fun up there, which is the important thing... But Nick's group was probably the worst singing of all of it. I guess that's kinda what I expected from a big group of highschool freshmen... They did a great job performing, though and although they didn't sound great, it was my favorite to watch.
The best part of the whole show... holey cow I couldn't stop laughing... my mom kept making fun of the conductor's skirt, which really did seem to have a life of it's own. It was very bouncy and very sparkly... It seemed to grow more and more colors as the show went on... I felt bad because we were trying to be so quiet, but we were both pretty much snorting.
Oh, fun times.
A little dog came to my window last night. A blue heeler with one brown eye and one blue eye. She was very sweet and, once she got a little warmed up to the place, very energetic. Harvey spent most of the night trying to make out with her and Suka couldn't stop chasing her around. We named her patches... short for patchouli, because she smelled so stongly of patchouli. She played and ate and slept on my feet. This morning I went to work and called the local radio station to leave a lost dog message. I got about two words out and the lady said someone had just called with the same description of their lost dog. So I called the guy and he went to my house and picked up his dog. I felt very karmalicious doing such a good deed.

Anyway... I was WAY more motivated and active today that I have been for quite a while. It felt good and I got a compliment on how good I look. It must have been that 'after work out glow'. Ha ha... yeah... that's what it was... But if they think I look good, and I think I feel good, then it must be good!

Tomorrow we ski!

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