Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gettin' Some Tail

Sunday we made tails. Then we partied with other people with tails to celebrate the departure and relocation of our good friend Kyle, who is moving to Honduras on Friday. Or somewhere like that... Costa Rica... Panama...?

Derek had so much fun making his tail that he went cross-eyed!

I made my tail out of shredded pants seams, yarn, and wire...

Shaun wanted a little piggy tail, so I crocheted some home spun gray wool around a piece of wire and curled it up.

This picture's blurry, but you get the idea...

I have been having some trouble figuring out easy addition of pictures on here. I can't really do it the way I want to do it, so I am copying Mama Roja's blog style for now. Text, Picture, Text, Picture... it seems to work just fine. I will just have to play with the settings and stuff more until I get it dialed. I will have plenty of time to do that though, since it's impossible to go outside right now. I would like to ski, and I made plans with friends to ski yesterday and tomorrow. However, I canceled my Monday ski date due to a hangover and a temperature of -10 on the hill. Shaun had to cancel his ski date today because the car just wouldn't start. And I've already canceled my ski date tomorrow because the temperature today is still in the negatives. Annnnnnddd.... it's lookin' the same tomorrow...
I even canceled a climbing date today for an opportunity to sit in a sauna. The climbing gym is nice, but it's not as warm as a sauna!
I do think I've discovered the warmest way to get to work, though. I bike. Sounds horrible, right? Biking to work in negative degree weather. I thought so too. But actually, after you put on so many layers, then a hat or two, then wrap up your face in a blanket sized scarf, double the mittens, and add some ski goggles, a five minute ride to work gets a person pretty worked!
Turns out I enjoy the exercise and its a lot less of a pain in the ass than scraping off the car.
And it gives everyone a laugh to see me all bundled up like that. A good way to start the day, I say...
I love endorphins!

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