Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Story of a Montana CSA

Yesterday Shaun and I were so fortunate to be able to enjoy the most beautiful day ever! And even more fortunate to be able to witness the progress of my mom's Community Supported Agriculture project (CSA). Two teams of draft horses came to the farm to plow a field for planting. The horses were so beautiful and amazingly powerful. Watching them work was such a cool experience, especially since plowing a field with horses is just not something one sees these days. And holy cow what a gorgeous day! I had so much fun taking pictures and they all turned out so well! I am attributing it all to the expensive camera that I bought to document our adventure. Which, by the way, I love.
Again, the title of this is post linked to the photos on Facebook.

This team is Sophie and Harry, both about 7 years old. Charlie (with the white shirt) is their driver.

Harry on the left, Sophie on the right.

This team is Blue and Bell, about 6 years old, and Paul is their driver.

Blue on the left, Bell on the right.

Just to make all that really really worth it, this is the weather we have today...
Can you even believe that?


And to make yesterday even more amazing! On our drive through the country, we saw two Sandhill Cranes in a field. They were too far away to get any really good pictures, but they are some of my favorite birds, so it was really nice to see them and to just listen to them for a few minutes.

And this handsome fellow is Dog O' the Day. I don't remember his name.

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