Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tent Testing

We decided to camp out at Revenue Flats after work yesterday. It was a beautiful day, so we loaded up the car and took off. We neglected to take firewood with us and couldn't find any, so we climbed in the tent not long after dark to play cribbage. Upon snuggling in, we realized that we hadn't really brought a reliable source of light either, so we just ate some incredibly bland freeze dried chicken stew and went to bed.

We were planning on climbing today, but in the middle of the night the wind started blowing and we could barely even get out of the tent this morning. Not to mention we didn't have any stakes, so only one of us could leave at a time to keep the tent from blowing away. It was so windy we decided to just leave and not try to climb.

We set up camp in a small rock sheltered area between these rocks just behind the one in the center. There were more smaller rocks behind these, creating a complete rock circle around us.

Doggy-of-the-Day: Harvey in all his glory!
He looks like he's bracing himself against the wind on this snowy downhill slope.

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