Friday, April 17, 2009

1123 Days.......Since St.Patty's???

So for those of you who sometimes read my blog, you may have noticed that my countdown that normally hangs out at the top of the page is gone. Well get this...the other day I came on to post a new blog and immediately looked to see how many days Shaun and I have left. I was horrified to see '1123 days'! My countdown had changed itself from our departure date to last years Saint Patrick's day. It said 1123 days SINCE St. Patrick's day. That's not even correct! It's been one month since St. Patty's!
I tried to reset it and change it back to our countdown but it just wouldn't do it.
What the heck.
As far as the countdown goes anyway, all I know is that we are one day closer, due to a rescheduling of our flight. We now leave on the 27th instead of the 28th. When you plan a trip like this almost a year in advance like we have, it seems that one day isn't much of a difference. Because it isn't.
But when you have been planning a trip like this for almost a year and you are less than one month from departure, finding out that you have one day less to wait is only cause for more excitement.
So we danced around for a bit.
Ok. Done dancing. Back to the planning and packing and stuff...

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