Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As I watched the deep orange sun rise above the silloette of a North Dakota farm on the horizon, I thought about the field of baby cows we had just passed, the herds of deer, elk, antelope, sheep, and even a few flocks of geese. All of them seemed to be experiencing some new stage in life, just as we were, watching the sky turn pastels. Even though we were only half through our 20 hour drive, unable to excape the dog smells and hair (of course Harvey puked 20 minutes into the drive), I couldn't help being overwhelmingly excited about traveling to the midwest, America's heartland, of which I had heard endlessly boring tales of lameness.
So here we are in Iowa. Harvey got over his car sickness, and whatever Suka ate before the drive has digested and his paint-melting gas is gone. There are no mountains here, so I am continually confused as to which direction we are driving.
This is an amazing transition period for me. I am trying to melow down from the 'go go go' attitude I had while getting ready to travel. I have to re-learn how to relaxe into not having a schedule, plan, or list. It is kind of hard to do, actually. But I guess it is just that time of change. Seasons, schedules, lifestyles, locations, and hopefully us a little too.
Yesterday we saw a turtle the size of a nickel or quarter. And of course I didn't have my camera.
I will add some pictures later!
Click on the title to see pictures of our Goodbye Camp Trip at Revenue Flats.


  1. I love reading your blog Sunshine... you are so wise. Good luck on your journey!

  2. yay! I love that you are starting this new adventure. give me a call, I'll come visit now that you're in my part of the country!