Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! This Easter Sunday was absolutely fabulous. It was such a beautiful day! We had a wonderful family brunch and took quite a few walks to the river. Everyone was so happy, all the dogs were playing, and it was just a great day.

Of course, Shaun doesn't do the whole 'family' thing very well or the whole 'group social activity' thing very well, so as soon as they finished eating, Shaun, Pav, and Armando rounded up some boats
and went on a river adventure. I was under the impression that they were floating from nearby Gateway to the bridge at our house, which would take about an hour or less. Many hours later I started to worry a little bit, so we drove around for a while until we spotted them. Turns out they started their float 8ish miles further up river than they said they were going to.

Armando crashed into a tree and lost his shoes and shirt.

Shaun and Pav left our soggy shoeless friend to watch the boats while they walked just down the road to get some matches and a couple shots from Stacy's Bar.

Doggy-of-the-Day is Suka, of course! Featuring his beautiful hand carved leather collar.

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