Sunday, May 24, 2009

Florida Fun

Someone, somewhere, at some point in time, told me that Florida is the 'Sunshine State'. Well, since we've been here we haven't seen any sun or blue sky at all until maybe the past half hour. And the city isn't exactly beautiful, but the trees and individual plants are very intriguing, unique, and beautiful in their own tropical way. We have had a lot of fun poking at the animals and exploring the vegetation. The dogs seem to be adapting very well and now I don't have any worries about them adjusting to life in the city or a foreign country. We bought them new kennels and they both seem very happy to be in them. They are also learning very quickly not to chase the little animals, birds and lizards, that are swarming on the banks of the canal behind Grandma Betty's house. Harvey is starting to get over his poop complex (ack, nobody watch!), but he still is very embarrassed when I make him sit and wait while I pick it up. I can't believe we are leaving in 3 days, but I am confident that all our paperwork is together and we are ready to go.


Look at the pictures of all the animals!

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