Saturday, May 9, 2009

I O W A Part Duex

I am having some trouble uploading photos to my blog page. I just can't do it. So for now, no pictures right on here. You have to click on the name to see the pictures. Which is sad, because pictures are the best part! I am really missing my 'doggy of the day' section at the bottom of my posts.
Oh well... Technology defeats me.
Yesterday I witnessed a rather unpleasant scene. The very aggressive neighbor giant monster pit bull apparently snapped the 3/4 inch aircraft cable he was tied with, snooped into the garage we were hanging out in, and started attacking our dogs.
Our dogs are fine. But the resident's dog got bit on the face and a pretty nasty chunk taken out of her lip. And to make it even worse, resident was bit also. It wasn't bad, just some cuts on his finger as he was trying to free his dog from the lockjaws of Kujo. But apparently this was the third time neighbor beast had attacked their dogs in their neighborhood, second time it had somehow mysteriously got loose, come into their garage and attacked their dogs, and the first time it had bit a person.
It was so sad to see. The poor dog was obviously not trained right, and obviously not taken care of properly, being chained to a muddy hole in an unfenced, unkept, trashy yard. It was so sad for everyone. Especially to be part of a group of dog lovers telling another dog owner that it was time that dog be put down, for the safety of everyone.
Oh well. There are alot of dogs out there and alot of good dog owners. So kudos to them. Life goes on, however that's just one more strike against pit bull owners, which I really hate to see. For the record, I absolutely do not agree with the breed ban. I think we need to chain up some careless humans.

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