Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goodbye Mama

Today we were up early enough that I wasn't sure if the orangy-purlplish haze on the horizon was the sun trying to rise or just lights reflecting from the city below. Shaun and I were driving west so I didn't see it when the dark navy blue faded into light. When I looked back again, I discovered that my possible sunrise really was just a giant purply-gray haze of polution and the part which looked orange was indeed the night lights of Cedar Rapids. It was about 5 am and we were headed home from the airport where we were sending my mom home from her Mother's Day weekend visit.
And that's just the beginning or part of one of the short stories which will be published in the book that I will write. So all of you can keep a look out for the book on shelves this coming November 2037.
(Look for pictures now.)

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