Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 5 In Buenos Aires

Now the intrepid travelers and accompanying dogs find themselves in a dirty city bustling, bustling, bustling with life and excitement. Stray dogs roam the streets with dropplets of milk dripping from their freshly puppy-licked teets and collared cats mew down from overlooking balconies. Traffic doesn´t stop for anything, so say a quick prayer and look both ways before crossing any street even though they all run one direction or the other.
Every day interactions are exhausting and minute talking to a shop keeper is like sitting in school for 8 hours and feeling like you learned nothing the entire day.
There is a bakery one block from our apartment that bakes fresh bread every morning. We have been there twice now for the same loaf and both of us will swear on the Bread Bible that it is the best bread in the world. Not to mention the sweet pastries that are displayed in mountains in the windows. And the empanadas in the dirty little fly covered shop next door to us... WOW! Que Delicioso!
Every food we could want is within a block or two of our apartment and wine, laundry, computer, gas station... you name it. A couple days ago we bought steaks at the little shop on our block and the meat man pretty much carved it off the cow for us. Just down the road, a man caught the wheel of his cart on one of the cobble stones and three wooden crates of oranges spilled out down the sidewalk and down the street.
Meanwhile, a guy was rushing by on a bicycle equiped with a basket large enough to hold Harvey and Suka together filled with something like newspapers.
Our apartment is very nice and a wonderful little sanctuary from the busy, clostrophobic, noisy streets. The couple who own our apartment live below us and they are so nice. They teach tango and expressionist, creative movement dance classes in the studio directly beneath us. Last night we spoke to them and found a car to buy and someone to teach us spanish more thoroughly. Que suerte!

We are having alot of fun and haven´t tired of eachother yet. This city definitely runs at our pace. Shops don´t open until 10ish and every afternoon they all close down for siesta time. They open a couple hours later and stay open late. In the evenings, the traffic slows down and the streets fill with a different energy. The air is less busy and more lively as people finish their days with dining and drinking at the bars.
Everyone here seems so nice and has a good sense of humor about our lack of communication except for the occasional old hag who bitches at us for having our dogs blocking her way on the scarily narrow sidewalks. My response is always -what do you want, lady! I dont´know what you are saying!- They growl and keep on.

I can´t believe we are actually here and living in this place. It is very interesting and new. And, contrary to popular belief, you don´t really notice that the toilet flushes the other way.

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  1. It sounds like you guys have it made. Sounds like you guys are adjusting well. Miss home yet? I can't wait to see pictures. If you could let my brother know that our Mom's B-day is Wednesday he might want to give her a call if he can. Thanks and keep in touch.