Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When The Cabin's a Rockin' Don't Bother Knockin'

The cabin is finally finished (almost) and we are all moved in! I haven't had a day to myself for a week, but the work and the move was totally worth it. It turned out way nicer than I imagined it would. It is cozy and homey and small and cute. The dogs love it on the farm. They are muddy and wet and dirty and tired and full of all the bones they can possibly chew. It is great! I have seen a bald eagle every day since we moved out here. And some days I see two.

We put up some nice cloth on the ceiling to cover the blue board insulation. The finishing step for that is to find a nice thick hemp rope to edge it with. it will be beautiful.
I made curtains so all the family won't see my bare butt walking around, but I haven't put them up yet.

The stove works amazingly well. In fact, the cabin gets WAY too hot at night and lately we have been leaving the door open when we go to bed. Shaun has been chopping lots of wood and we have a nice pot of water with smell goods in it. The cabin actually doesn't smell like Hauntivirus and cat piss anymore.

Harvey and Suka's kennels fit great under the bed and the few things we will need for our trip are stored nicely behind them. Also, if you look closely up in the corner, you can catch a glimpse of our kick ass surround sound system. That is probably currently my favorite feature. A few nights ago we fell asleep with some really great relaxing music on. That was the best night of sleep I've had in years! I am attributing it to the comforting vibes of the surround sound.

I am SO SO happy we decided to make this move and I finally feel like all the work we put into this has really paid off. Not to mention all the extra $$$ we've been able to bank in just the past week. By the time we leave for our trip, the two months of no rent will really be worth it.

Since I seem to have a 'dog of the day' on all of my blogs, I thought I would put this guy on.
This is Kody. Short for Dakota.
He is a Newfoundland. A very big Newfoundland.
Those of you who know me are aware of my uncanny ability to find a different stray dog every week. If you didn't know, you should be aware of the fact that I tend to find lots of stray dogs, about one every week or two, and I always take them home. I don't really understand why they all come to where I am. I have found them at work, at the grocery store, and a couple of them have even come into my yard and scratched on the door to be let in. Maybe I smell good. Fortunately so far I have found all of their homes.
Kody is the most recent one. Luckily one of the 7 phone numbers etched on his tags worked and the big guy only spent one night with us.
I was happy to see him go home, but I wish I could have spent a little more time with him. Newfoundlands are SO sweet. They're just giant lovers.


  1. I love it! kinda wish i was the one moving into the ex-haunti-hut. so sweet!

  2. The place looks great. I am excited to meet you in May and to see my Brother. I miss him way to much!!!