Sunday, March 15, 2009

This One is HUGE

Well. This post is giant because so much has happened in the past week and a half. First of all, March 9 was my little brother's birthday. Since all of us kids were together in one place, we took some pictures. Just look at that good looking gaggle of Davis children!
Dylan, the birthday boy is in the back there.

A whole bunch of friends came over to celebrate with us and my mom made up two really delicious apple pies.


March 4 was a huge day for Bozeman's history. A gas line in Boodles exploded at 8:12 in the morning. Everything within 2 blocks was evacuated and closed, including Dave's Sushi where I work. Since I couldn't go to work, I was stranded in town with no car, no phone, and no money. One of my friends lives down town 3 blocks from the site of the explosion, so I sat on his roof and watched the fire burn all day.

This is the scene two blocks away.

It took almost 3 days to get the fire put all the way out.

The blast broke windows 5 blocks away. Almost every store in down town Bozeman had a window broken.

The view from 2 blocks the other direction.

Almost unbelievably, only one person died in this deal. It is so sad, but we are so so fortunate. So many people work and live downtown and 5 businesses and lots of apartments were completely destroyed and even more are seriously damaged.


In other news. Joe got a hair cut.


And of course Suka finds the mess and lays in it.

Jefe sleeping on the floor. So cute.

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