Friday, March 20, 2009

Downtown Explosion

Well... I haven't yet had the balls to actually walk to that block of Main Street and look at the pile for myself, but this is the picture that was in the paper a couple days ago. I love that I keep hearing "Boodles and LillyLu were demolished and surrounding businesses were severely damaged, including the Rocking R Bar, Pickle Barrel, an architecture firm, and the Legion".

Here are my thoughts... Yes, Boodles and LillyLu were completely destroyed. But the immediate surrounding businesses weren't severely damaged... they were also just straight up destroyed. I think 'severely damaged' implies some sort of serious fixing. But there will be no fixing. They will be torn down and rebuilt, because there is nothing left to fix. If some building is so far gone that you have to tear it down and rebuild it, I'm pretty sure that counts as being completely destroyed.

Look at the picture. That green framework on the left... is the Rocking R Bar.
It is all just so sad. It is unbelievable that only one person perished and no one was hurt.


Shaun and I have one month and 4 days left of working at Dave's.
That's like...34 days.
I don't even know how to express how I feel about that, but I'll give it a shot...



Harvey got a new collar yesterday. He was SO good in the pet store. He did tricks for the ladies and laid nicely on the floor as I tried on multiple different collars. I was kinda bummed out that none of the styles I liked looked good on him at all. I went for hemp, hippy, weaved, bright, manly flowers, and even leather. None of them looked good. Finally, as I was putting all those ones away, I saw a striped one that was kind of preppy.
I didn't like it too much, but it had orange in it, which is a color that typically looks good on Harvey. I put it on him and it looked SO good!

Ok, so Harv has clean preppy style and I'm kind of a hippy chick. I guess I have to accept that we may never share the same taste in collars. But he does look hella sharp!

We bought Suka a new collar today also. He wasn't fortunate enough to go into the pet store with us, but that's only because we didn't go the the pet store. Suka's new collar is custom carved leather with a brass buckle and his name hand-tooled on top.
OoooohWheeee! Yeah Suka. One week from now Suka will be rocking that fine piece of work.

Gee. I get so excited over pampering our gods...oops...I mean dogs.

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