Monday, March 23, 2009

'Gone to the Dogs' or 'Hot Mom on a Tin Roof'

A couple weeks ago we took our friends Armando and Raul, from Chile, to Yellowstone Park to soak in the Boiling River. This is Suka being buddy buddy in the car. Another Chilean, Bastian, is in there also, but he fell asleep.

This is the trio under the entrance arch. They didn't really know why I was yelling at them to get out of the car, but I think this is a picture they might appreciate showing their folks back in Chile. If not, then at least I got a little laugh out of it!


As my mother's farm has started to blossom and grow into a community project and CSA, so has the number of dogs on the property. So... Build we must! Started yesterday, this is the new dog kennel from start to almost finish. I think they got one person working for every dog it would house.
(There are now 6 dogs living on the property and at least 3 a day visiting. )

Sunshine's mom on the roof.

Project manager Jodi lending some support.

Post hole digger John, digging some post holes.

Almost the entire crew stretching out the wire. (There are two more folks off camera)

Joe overseeing the progress from his comfortable seat on the tractor.

Wayne the chainsaw master stopped by for just 15 minutes to do some valuable chainsaw-ing.

The project was almost completed with the addition of a little tin roof. I do believe all that's left now is the door.

An amazing amount of work was done on this beautiful, slightly overcast, spring day.
Unfortunately last night it dumped about 6 inches of wet, thick, heavy, cold snow, postponing the finishing work for a couple days. I'm sure we will be able to finish next weekend.
Good work team. Let me know next time you all need help and I will make sure to be readily available with my trusty camera.


And Bubba gets Doggy-Of-The-Day. Look at that cute old farm dog face.
I think he looks kind of excited for that new kennel to be finished.

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