Saturday, March 28, 2009

F*ing Armwarmers

So... I'm probably retarded. I have been knitting on my arm warmers/sleeves/fingerless gloves for SOOOO long. I finally reached the end and bound off. All that was left to do was put some finishing touches on them and make the thumb holes.
That is when I realized that I made both thumbs on the same side. Yeah... figure that one out.
Ok. So both thumbs on the same side. Undo one and fix the thumb. Put it on the other side and do it back up. Easy, right?
I have been working these with no pattern. I have been making it up as I go along. And not writing anything down. So it would be a huge pain in the ass to go back and undo the thumb and try to figure out what I did and replicate the other one.
So I decided that my best option would be to undo both of the things down to the same point , redo the thumbs completely and then work them back up.
Luckily, it only took me one day to undo, redo, and work them back up almost to where I wanted to be. I fixed the thumbs. They look great and are actually on the correct, opposite sides. And I even fixed another thing in the stitch pattern that was bothering me.
Yay for me!!! I was patient enough to do it right and everything worked out better than it did originally!
I feel very accomplished right now.

Another knitting lesson to learn... I went to Stix to pick out some really cute soft baby yarn for some booties I am making for my sister. I went home, found the pattern online and printed it off. Later on in the evening, I decided to start working on them, so I got out my needles and the pattern and my yarn and cast on and started knitting away. I made it maybe 3 stitches when I realized that I never even looked at the pattern to see what kind of yarn it called for. That is so necessary! Look at the pattern first. Find the yarn it calls for. Find the weight of the yarn, THEN go to the yarn store and compare other kinds of yarn. Try to match the weight unless you are ready to do some serious swatching to find the right guage.
Well, I didnt' do that. I bought the yarn first and didn't even think about the pattern. Honestly, I was only thinking about finding the right color. (Which is also important, but not as important.)
All of that would be kind of ok except for one thing... I HATE SWATCHING! I hate hate hate hate it! I do not have the patience for it at all.
Another thing.... I don't have the size needles the pattern calls for. Close, but not the same. And I'm leaving really soon so I'm not going to buy them.
So I have to do a swatch. Miserable.
But guess what! The larger weight yarn worked perfectly with the smaller size needles and the guage matched on my first swatch!
Moral of the story... I have learned my lesson. Next time, save some stress. Print the pattern first, THEN buy yarn. And... learn to like swatching.

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