Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wrapping up the March

March turned out to be a really great month for us, although it seemed to buzz by like a bat in the dark.  Whoah!  What was that?!  And Summer just doesn't want to follow Winter's example of arriving quickly, all in one day.  Excited about the melt-off and the warm weather, we tried to go camping near Livingston last week, but I pansy-ed out and got cold, so we ate a nice dinner and came home. 

 Me- "Wow, there really is a ton of snow here!"  Shaun- toeing the sparse snow cover-  "Well, there's not really.  There are plenty of dry spots and there will be a lot more snow everywhere else..."  Me-  "Look how muddy this dry spot is..."  Shaun-  "It's pretty well frozen, actually."  Me-  "I forgot to bring my wool sweater..."
It is getting nicer, but winter just seems to be hanging on there by a thread.  So, while the weather's still too cool to spend the entirety of our days outside, we finally got a little work done on our house.  We managed to get the trim painted  and the walls are a lot less overwhelmingly salmon now that the paint has fully dried.  Tuesday we installed our new wood floor, but not quite all the way.  There are just 2 or 3 skinny boards that need to be cut to complete the very very edge near the bathroom and kitchen.  But we are close!  Close to finishing that part, anyway...  There is a lot more work to be done, really.

Last Thursday, a nice grey afternoon cloud cover rolled in and threatened to rain or do something, but before it did, we drove to the Trail Creek exit to do some rock climbing at 'The Pass'.  It was a lovely warm day.  The rock was still a little cool, but with a few hand-warming breaks, it was bearable.  The dogs found the depth and sloppiness of the mud to be acceptable and the amount of loose sticks to be sufficient.  I lead my first outdoor climb (yay me!) and Shaun was quite pleased to finally have some successful climbing out of doors.
It really was a great day, and we can't wait for all the great climbing to be had this summer!

This past weekend, Shaun and I knocked off one of our 'to do before we die' goals.  We drove 4 hours to meet up with some friends in Salmon, Idaho for a few great days of camping at Goldbug Hotsprings.

Suka, the champion of weirdness, hung out in the hot springs with us the entire time, swimming around and blowing bubbles underwater.  No joke.  Harvey, on the other hand, wouldn't even dip a toe in. 

For more awesome pictures of our weekend soak, click here.

If all of that isn't adventure enough, I am about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my lifetime.  I have been accepted to school and, following our 3 month long summer road trip, will begin studies at Prescott College, in Arizona, the end of August.  I am so excited to be pursuing my education further and can't wait to move to the Southwest!  Time to save save save and apply for scholarships.  If anyone lives in an old house or near a nice field, let me know...I've already gone through the walls in our house and none of my semi-frozen muddy holes are turning up any forgotten stashes of cash or gold.

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