Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-season Climbing

Now that our house is all tore up and out of place, it is difficult to be in it.  It would be easier to just get our act together and finish the job, but the days have been so nice we keep finding excuses to not stay inside.  Today I'm sticking around the house, and have finally caught up on our nightmarish laundry situation, but I don't have much hope for the unfinished projects.

Last Sunday, after being stomped on like Tokyo by the weekend's Bridezilla,  I headed out to Nice Rock on the Madison River to meet up with Shaun, the dogs, and friends for a downright awesome afternoon of climbing and brats on the campfire.

Shaun enjoying a tasty cold beverage.

Watching Bree attempt the climb.  We could see the first bolt of the route, and it looked like a fairly simple climb to reach it, however Shaun, Bree, and I all reached the same spot and made it no further. Pretty lame.

Tuesday was another beautiful day, so before Shaun headed to work, we made the short hike to Practice Rock near Hyalite Reservoir, discovering half way up the trail that our van has remote starting capabilities, but not remote shut-off capabilities.
Although we were both very excited to climb, the route we wanted to climb was in the shade.  Turns out winter climbing is pretty difficult.  Numb hands, cold toes, slippery slippery shoes, and lots of mud.  

The hike up was still pretty snowy.

Shaun rappelling from the top.

So...we really didn't get any climbing done.  I gave up after two moves, due to my hands turning into frozen meat hooks.  Shaun kept slipping on the snow in his climbing shoes, and could barely even make it to the rock to climb it. 
But, we had a great day being outside, the dogs found more mud and sticks than they even knew what to do with, and Shaun gave me a valuable little lesson in using some of the new climbing gear we just bought.

Really really looking forward to the encroaching spring, and our developing summer road trip plans!

Now off to de-staple the living room floor...  

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