Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I realize that this post and the last overlap a little, but I have been pretty busy and keep forgetting about things I mean to post about.  The 9th was my little brother's 21st birthday, so my dad bought him two tickets to see the Wailers in concert... yes, the Wailers, sans Bob Marley... So the next night Dylan and I went out on the town to get our reggae on.  Jah Rastafari.  Here's my best picture from the back row.

Yah, man.  Jah rastafari!  See those dreads? 
It was a good show.  Good energy, and fun to hear the Marley songs live, but seriously... How many times can one person say 'Jah Rastafari' in one hour?

After finally getting the song 'One Love' out of my head, I decided to do some sewing to prepare for the Run to the Pub, my first 10K fun run, last Saturday, hosted by Pub 317 (Bozeman's quasi-Irish pub), to celebrate St. Patty's Day.  I know it's just now the green day, but the pub likes to get started early apparently.
Alas, I had to dig the staple of my homemaker supplies (the sewing machine) out of a pile of outdoor equipment that Shaun and I have been stocking up on.  I found this situation to be rather ironic... what do you think?

There it is... My sewing machine and giant box of thread and accessories surrounded by climbing gear and our mountaineering book.  Somehow it just doesn't seem to fit, but I guess that's ok.  It's like going to the library and checking out the books 'Backpacking the World on a Shoestring Budget' and 'How to Build and Maintain a Saltwater Fish Tank'.

Anyway, the sewing project ended up awesome, as did the race.  I expected that it would take me an hour and twenty-ish minutes to run the six miles, but my official time was 1 hr 9 min.  Wonderful!  Since this was my first 10K, I wasn't trying to make a time, I was just trying to finish, but now I have a goal for the next race!

Fun times, but needless to say, I hurt a little bit after that one.  A good incentive to run more, I guess...get my leg muscles built up.

On the homeward side of things, my brother has been helping us get the house ready for the new wood floor.  First, we hung plastic over everything that needed it, and textured the walls.  Yesterday we sprayed primer over all the texture.  Today we painted.  This is what our house looked like yesterday...

And this is what our house looks like today...

Not to worry, though.  After some trimming and woodwork, it won't look nearly so 'salmon'.  (Hopefully)
So...clean, dry, freshly painted walls, and soon enough a wonderful floor.  Then we can start rebuilding everything we tore out of our entry.  And then get ready to move out.  Yeah...

And the bonus for the day, week, lifetime is... 
Sometimes bad days happen.  It sucks.  But sometimes you get to wake up to views like this...

And it just makes everything alright.

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