Thursday, November 5, 2009

The End of the World as We Know It...

It is 12:30 in the morning...  I can still here the music, the lights are still on, and I can still here the voices in the house below us, even though I am in my bed and ready to sleep.   Now, normally, this would be a normal roommate/apartment situation, but the house below our apartment belongs to my father, and the two voices I hear at present are he and Shaun... the dad and the boyfriend.  Shaun is still downstairs drinking with the dadman... should I be worried?  Is this one of those 'father-in-law' deals? (even though we'll never get married) Are they conspiring against me? my dog? HIS dog? god? dog? ... Oh my... they must be planning something against god... Or else they're conspiring to tear down a wall... or plant garlic... or turn the compost pile...Jesus! (Forgive me.)   I guess a few people would tell me I should be worried about this.  They seem to be getting along well... really getting to know each other, maybe for a few hours too many by now, but getting to know each other all the same.  On the other hand...I'm sure a few people would tell me to be worried about this...they're really getting to know each other... hmmmm...they're probably talking about the garlic...damn.

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