Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to Work

Time to get back to work before the madness of the holidays hits.  I'm sure that before long another snow storm will hit and turn our nights into working days and our days into long naps.  So, before that happens, we decided to bust out a little more work on 'the Nook'. 

We sanded, smoothed, drilled, screwed, and installed hinges for our bench seats. In a rather un-straightly manner, I might add. 
After the cleanup from that ordeal, I decided to make another mess and cut the foam for our cushions.

Four fabulous inches of the most amazing double stuffed squishy foam!

To fill the rest of my time, I made Shaun a hat.  Cashmere, the lucky duck, covered in fishes.

And we bought giant bag of parsley for 50 cents and hung it all up in the window to dry.  Whee!  How much fun it is to save money!  Spices are expensive!

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