Sunday, January 24, 2010


Does that look like a murdered amaryllis to you?!

I think it DOES!

The amaryllis was clearly PUSHED!

The problem is, this gorgeous plant was given to me for Christmas by my aunt.  It is quite customary for everyone of us to receive one of these large bulbous dirt clods every year.  I was so excited to plant mine (i'm not being sarcastic, I really love them!) and apparently the bulb was excited too, since it has been growing inches a day since I planted it two weeks ago.
I've been watering it and sending green vibes it's way, but other than that, I really haven't been paying much attention to it, since it is safely tucked around the corner in the breakfast nook. (Still not quite finished, so we don't really hang out there yet... just have to tile...)
I guess while we weren't looking, pretty much over night,  the damned thing bloomed!  Both stems at the same time... Which created a great unbalanced weight and our poor florescent flowers toppled off their precariously thin ledge, spilling their life giving soil all over my hand sewn nook seats.

AND.......There you have it.  Case of the horizontal amaryllis, solved!

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