Saturday, January 23, 2010

In The Crafting World...

New happenings in my Craft Life.  VERY exciting!  The lace shawl I started in October is finally finished and all pinned out to block.  Now all I have to do is wait for the damned thing to dry, then I can wave it exultingly above my head and parade it around town for all to see.

  The three months of work were definitely worth it!

To finish the fix up of my sewing machine, I bought a new light bulb.  Viola!  Now I can see what I'm making!
(I know, I know.  The needle isn't threaded... I just wanted to take a picture.)

I've finally finished my projects for the Dave's Sushi Christmas Party Gift Exchange!   How fun!

For the man, the ultimate matching party set...
Beer can coozie, wrist band, head band, AND.........

WAIT FOR IT....(Drum roll here)....

The infamous Willy Warmer!

And for the chica on our list, Moustaches!

In other news, Shaun, the dogs and I went camping.
Or tried to, anyway...

The temp was in the 40s, the sun was shining, we had our climbing gear ready to go, and it was a beautiful day!

So we drove past Norris to our favorite camp spot, Revenue Flats.

And then it started to get windy.

Our tent (thanks Fred!) blew up like a balloon and by the second night, it was blowing so hard we could barely even walk around.  And good luck trying to use the bathroom!

Eventually, by about 6 in the evening, the tent straight up blew over and we were forced to pack up and go home.  Luckily nothing got lost or broken, but it wasn't quite the climbing/camping trip we had planned.  Better luck next sunny weekend!

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