Thursday, February 19, 2009

Made It To 100

Alright! Less than 100 days until we leave the country! I have been trying to find another countdown timer to put on my blog to tell me how many days I have left until my LAST DAY AT DAVE'S SUSHI... but it's probably best that I can't find it. I think if I knew how many days were left, my brain would completely check out and the only thing I would be good for at work is holding the door.


The cabin is coming along. We have 9 days to get it finished and ready to move into. I have to say I am having a little bit of anxiety about that. I really thought my sister was going to help us out since she is planning on living in it this summer, but heck if she's helped us out for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Oh well. We got conned. The wool pulled over our eyes, you could say. I am a bit put out about the number of hours we have had to put into it just to live in it for 2 months. It's not even finished yet and we just keep getting criticism from my mom. And Shaun's a little bitter about it also.

Oh well. I should not complain. It will be warm. It will be dry. It will be cheaper than the place we live now. And we can do it however the heck we want, since no one else seems interested in helping. They can complain about how we are doing it all they want, but whatever. If they really want it some other way, then they should get out there and do it.

Ok. Rant over.


For a couple months there, our kill count on the fridge was really adding up fast. We've made it to 31, but the past 2 weeks or so we've got nothing at all.
WOOHOOOOO! I think we've finally beat the mice!!!
Harvey and Suka can now eat their hauntivirus-free dog food in peace.


*A little note to all people out there who are religious.*

First of all, I do not judge you. If you want to worship a god or celebrate a religion, by all means please do. But please do me a favor. Go online or go to the library or something and do some research on the history of your chosen religion. After that, find some more informational stuff and maybe do some research on the histories of some other religions.
AFTER you learn the history of your religion and the history of other religions, THEN you can talk to me about your religion and ask me about mine. Until then, please refrain from preaching your word to me, asking me to join your religion, or telling me about other religions which you do not celebrate and you clearly don't understand or even denounce.
And when I say this to all of you 'religious people', I mean AALLLL of you 'religious people'. I don't care what religion. All of you.
It scares me to see so many people blindly following religion when they don't know how or why theirs even started in the first place or even what happened to it since then.

Come on folks... Please don't turn off your brains!

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