Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I finally figured out the tension on my spinning wheel, after repairing a part that's been out of service for almost a year. It is SO MUCH FUN!!! I have been just whipping out the yarn like it's nobody's business. It started out a little rough, but just in the past three days, I have become much better and my yarn has gone from good to great! (Still not quite perfect though.) I am having a lot of fun finally being able to use some fibers that I've had for quite a few years. Consequentially, all the yarn that I've made so far contains multitudes of different colors and color combinations.

We managed to get a ton of work done on the Horse Shed yesterday. It still needs quite a good deal to make it liveable, but we are making progress. Slowly...

It actually has windows now...

Mystery photo!

And for a sweet reward, Amber made cornbread!

And the Cutest Puppy of the Day Award goes to Jefe! (Wow...for once it's not Suka!)
Poor little Jefe broke his leg and spent most of the 7th and 8th months of his life locked up in the house, not allowed to play with the other dogs. He's almost all better now, but still can't go out to play. Does he look sad?

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