Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day Of Fall

I know the first day of fall is actually tomorow, but even though the grass is still green and it still feels like summer, the leaves are definitely starting to fall and collect in the driveway. (Super bonus photo...that's our van in the background! Whee! I'm a 'Soccer Sunshine'!)

And collecting on the door-mat as well.

So to get in the mood, I spent a morning canning a bunch of apple pie filling with some fresh tree apples that Shaun's mom got from a friend. (ok, I know all apples come from trees, but these ones didn't go through a grocery store...tree to bag to pie. Done.)
So easy and so delicious. I'm thinking I might just have to put the apples straight onto the icecream and skip the whole pie step... Look at that delicious spicy, appley syrup at the bottom of those jars!

When I'm not canning stuff in the afternoons, I try really hard to work on my sweater. It is so nice to sit outside and with the leaves on the trees changing and falling into my lap every so often, it's a good reminder that I need to finish it up fast before it gets too cold. I'm supposed to make one for Shaun, also... I'm thinking December birthday present...

And after work in the evenings, it's back out to the campfire. Can't get better than a cozy hot fire, and a cold beer in a coozy. (Hey-O! Big shout out to our favorite sushi spot with my lucky coozy signed by Eddie Money's band!)

It seems like the last time the seasons changed Shaun, Suka, Harvey and I were in the middle of a pretty big change ourselves. Driving from Montana to Iowa as the baby animals popped out and the flowers started to bloom. Now here we go again, soon to drive from Iowa to Montana as the flowers die and all the animals tuck in for the winter. It's so exciting to think that our lives can change as fast as they do and I can't wait to see what our next season will be like.
So cheers to the fall and the excited restlessness that comes with the changing trees!

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