Monday, January 19, 2009

The A-Team Cabin

Formerly known as the Horse Tack Shed. This cute little cabin is where Shaun, Suka, Harvey, and I will be living starting at the end of February. It is in a little bit of rough shape, but I am VERY excited to fix it up. It has been lived in before, I do believe...

We even have a couple of really cute neighbors!

This is Pepper.

This is Bob.

In other news... We went climbing in Revenue Flats Sunday. A little rock called 'The Nugget'. It was a little bit cool, but a lot of fun.

Shaun belaying Pav on Evolution of Dance.

Pav spotting Shaun on a boulder problem.

Shaun chillin at the t0p of Evolution of Dance.

This is me cleaning the route.

And for once, Suka didn't want his picture taken!

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