Tuesday, May 13, 2014

College Grad!

The last few months have been pretty hectic as I organized two senior projects, took a trip to Kyrgyzstan with my mom, developed my business, wrote a book (and other stuff), and graduated from Prescott College!

Now that it's all over, let me share the details...

I just graduated on May 10 from Prescott College with a double competence (competence is PC code word for 'major')--one titled Arts and Letters and the second titled Globalization and Religious Ethics. I posted about it a few months ago...
(I haven't actually received my degree yet, but I did get this cool medal...)

For both projects I worked with a women's craft organization in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. My mom and I just traveled there March 28-April 10 and we really got a surprise from Janyl, the woman who runs the organization. She scheduled a fantastic trip for us. Rather than just staying in Karakol and learning about Janyl's cooperative, she and her husband drove us all over the place visiting many craft organizations an meeting some of Kyrgyzstan's master craftswomen. We had SO much fun and learned SO much, but it was a very fast paced trip. As soon as we got home, I had to dig right in to the completion of my senior projects, so I didn't even have time to post photos!
Well, they're on facebook now, so you can click this link to see them. 

The final product of one of my senior projects is a book about our adventures during the two weeks Mom and I spent in Kyrgyzstan this spring. I have a pdf of the book, so if anyone would like it, please email me. Hard copies of the book are also available for purchase HERE. Or go to Blurb.com and search the Travel books in the Bookstore for Masters of Craft, Mothers of Culture. As a bonus, all of the proceeds from online sales will go to support disadvantaged girls and women in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. The funds will go to Asylzat Craft Cooperative which provides income and educational opportunities for women in the community.

So now that I've graduated, what's next?! I am planning on staying in Arizona for a while. Jett and I started a jewelry business that specializes in fundraisers. So, if anyone needs a fundraiser--- maybe your church group, softball team, school band--- just let me know and we will help you out. We make high quality, hypoallergenic, personalized, stainless steel rings. You can see some photos on our website: www.redrockcustomjewelers.com

I will also be relaxing with my dog, watching the ducks eat snails in the yard--probably continuing with my manzanita cribbage board production--and exploring what sort of real world jobs are available to me. If you have any suggestions... I'm sure I could use them!

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support! I finally graduated college, but I couldn't have done it alone!

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