Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A whole month has passes between posts again.  Part of that is due to our computer crashing.  Literally crashing to the ground and ceasing to function.  It's in the shop right now, but probably still not gonna make it. 
We spent the first couple weeks of December in the shell of our old house, the Bearclaw, living out of a couple boxes, sleeping on the floor.  Finally the new tenants wanted to move in, so we moved the rest of our shit into the shed and we set up the yurt that Dylan made in the backyard.  The canvas for the yurt still wasn't finished, so Dylan bought 26 red wool army surplus blankets which we covered the outside of the frame with.  It sounds strange, but it was really quite cozy in there!  We yurt camped for 3 nights.  On the evening of the second day, it started to drizzle.  By about 5 in the morning on that third night, our fire died down and the blankets started to give in.  The rain dripped down in a couple spots and started to seep through around the edges. 
That morning, I had to leave early for my last day of class, and spent all day in class, and as the morning progressed, everything in the yurt proceded to get wet and muddy.  Luckily, the house FINALLY closed that day, so Shaun, Dylan, and the dogs packed up and were at least able to get a roof over their heads while they attempted to dry out, even though there was no gas or water.  We had electricity, thankfully, so a couple space heaters made it feel like we weren't actually squating in an abandoned house that night.

Since then, we have moved everything out of the storage shed and the other house.  ALL of our belongings are in ONE spot.  The fish are out of their tupperware and back in the fishtank. The chickens are in the backyard and the house is actually starting to turn into a home, although there is lots and lots and lots of work to be done, including re-roofing it by the end of the month.    Luckily, my brother Joe flew in Sunday and a few friends left in town are helping us out with some of the projects.  

It is so great to actually have a house again and be doing things! 

I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can.  The big red yurt is definitely something to see!

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