Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye Montana!

Wow, this month really flew by fast!  Maybe it was because we were having so much fun.  This year, the April flowers brought lots of May showers.  But in between the cold, wet weather, we got outside to do a fair bit of climbing and a fair bit of camping, including a wet and snowy 'Third Annual Going Away Camping Party'.  We spent the last weekend camping at Revenue Flats and enjoying some time at our favorite Pony Bar.  I'll post pictures soon, but we have been too busy the last few days cleaning the house and packing our car for possibly our most epic roadtrip.
We'll see how dinner treats us tonight, but if everything is well and we're feeling good, we'll drive to Hoback Junction near Jackson Hole, Wyoming tonight or tomorrow morning to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend rafting and camping with my family on the Snake River.  From there, we'll continue on to other Wyoming destinations, then Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon?, California the first week of July, then to Arizona where the adventure will surely continue!  Stay tuned for updates on our roadtrip adventure and pictures to be posted sometime soon!

Pictures HERE!

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