Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekends of Fun

As Shaun and I prepare to drive back to good 'ol Montana, I've been wrapping up all my knitting projects and we've been packing our weekends with as much fun as we can.

 I knit this little scarflet to wear to a birthday party.

I finally finished my sweater!  It looks and feels so good!  Just in time, too... It got cold outside the day I finished it.

Shaun started making a hat for Wyatt and was having trouble with it, so he gave it to me to finish.  Of course I went way off from Shaun's vision, but the final product turned out pretty darn cute!

Bonus photo!  I found a pretty ladybug while I was taking photos of my knitting projects.

A couple weekends ago (when it was still summer) the four of us were invited to 'host a hole' for a humane society fundraiser golf tournament that was put on by a bar that all of our friends go to.  Shaun, Suka, Harvey and I all piled onto a golf cart and zipped all around the golfcourse.  It was pretty hillarious.  We posted up at hole 6 at 9 in the morning and sold jello shots to the golfers.  All the money went to the humane society and we had a blast!

'Jello shots!  Two for a buck, what the F***!'

Last weekend we piled in the Ninja van and drove to Dubuque for a chili cook-off a couple of our friends were entered in.
It was a cool, rainy day, but perfect weather for eating lots of chili!

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