Thursday, July 9, 2009


Take a close look at this beautiful, colorful slice of culinary wonder.

Now prepare yourself for the tingling of salivary glands: The crust is brushed lightly with tomato sauce, then baked. Then it's topped with a white onion-y cream sauce. Add tender white asparagus heads, real creamy fresh tangy Roquefort cheese, whole slices of sweet roasted red pepper, delicious Argentine green olives, and, just to make it extra pretty, sprinkle with flakes of oregano and toasted walnuts.

MMMMMM oh so delicous! And the day before we had one with mozzarella, chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and smothered with a savory demi glace sauce.

With all the great grilled meats, empanadas, and pastas, I can't wait for our next pizza. Oh who am I kidding... I can't wait for more of all of it! And wine to go with! And desert to follow!

What I really can't wait for is Americans to take gourmet pizza creativity to the next level. And as an American, although being very excited about the possibilities, I have to admit that I was a bit turned off by the combination of pizza topping offered to me, since I was pretty much just thinking of grabbing a quick pepperoni to go. Alas, pepperoni on pizza doesn't exist here. Just lots of olives, cheese, basil combos, Roquefort, and ham. Ham and boiled eggs.

Actually there seems to be boiled eggs in lots of food here, except breakfast. Eggs in empanadas and on pizzas. Imagine one single whole boiled egg suspended in the center of a loaf of deli meat. One in the chicken, one in the deli ham, one in the roast turkey...

So give me delicious, creamy, saucy, melty, savory, unconventionaly topped pizza...or give me death!

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  1. Ok i am fully expecting you 2 to make us some pizza when you get back!!